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We are a full service and equipment repair company. Our work speaks for itself, and our employees take pride in doing the job right every single time.

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Zenith Pools did an incredible job with the Chlorine Rinse on my pool. The crew was punctual, courteous, and extraordinarily thorough in their work. They took their time to explain the process and reassured me of any concerns I had. Now, my pool looks brand new – it’s crystal clear and just absolutely stunning. I couldn’t have asked for better service. Thank you, Zenith Pools!

Irene Bennett

Chlorine Rinse


"Had Zenith Pools do an acid wash for our pool in Phoenix. They did a great job, the pool looks good now. No issues, good service. Would hire them again."

Christine Doyle

Acid Wash


I must admit, the team at Zenith Pools is truly unparalleled when it comes to pool services. Their Chlorine Rinse service has worked wonders on my home pool. I was initially worried about the harshness of chlorine on my pool's surfaces, but they eased my fears with their meticulous care and deep understanding of the process. Now, my pool looks refreshing and inviting, like a sparkling jewel amidst the Arizona landscape. Exceptional service!

Amelia Patterson

Chlorine Rinse


We availed Zenith Pools' Pool Pump Upgrade service, and their expert, Robert, exceeded all expectations. He was professional, timely, and extremely skilled. The upgraded pump is working seamlessly, improving the overall pool experience. Hats off to Robert and Zenith Pools for their fantastic service.

Amelia Campbell

Pool Pump Upgrade


Our pool had turned an unsightly green, and Zenith Pools were the saviors we needed. The owner, Andrew, personally attended to the service, which was a pleasant surprise. His meticulous attention to detail was visible in the quality of work he delivered. Our pool is back to its sparkling self now, thanks to Andrew and Zenith Pools.

Wendy Lawrence

Green to Clean Service


"Zenith Pools in Phoenix did a solid job with the acid wash for our pool. The team was dedicated and seemed to care about the quality of their work. The pool looks good and the service was worth it."

Sarah Carter

Acid Wash


I recently availed of Zenith Pools' Pool Filter Cleaning service and was thoroughly impressed. Josh, their pool service expert, did an excellent job. He was courteous, punctual, and displayed a high level of professionalism. My pool filter is working more efficiently after the service, and the water is noticeably cleaner. All thanks to Josh and Zenith Pools.

Emily White

Pool Filter Cleaning


"Used Zenith Pools for an acid wash in Tempe. They were punctual, got straight to work, and cleaned up after. The pool's surface is noticeably cleaner now. Satisfied with their service."

Richard Quill

Acid Wash


Zenith Pools' owner, Andrew, personally attended to our Pool Pump Repair service. He was professional, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. Our pool pump is now working optimally, enhancing our pool experience. I couldn't be happier with Andrew and Zenith Pools' service.

Noah Mitchell

Pool Pump Repair


"Got Zenith Pools to do an acid wash in Gilbert. Friendly service and the pool looks brighter now. Happy with the results, would use their service again."

Neil Stevenson

Acid Wash

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We provide weekly pool service to many cities in Arizona, but we stay relatively close to home to ensure we can effectively provide emergency pool repair services if needed.

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All of our pool repair and service techs are local to the city they serve.

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