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We are a full service and equipment repair company. Our work speaks for itself, and our employees take pride in doing the job right every single time.

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Zenith Pools and their manager, Nicole, recently upgraded our pool filter, and the results were nothing short of amazing. Nicole was on time, professional, and highly skilled. The new filter is working flawlessly, improving the overall pool experience. Nicole and Zenith Pools have my highest recommendation.

Isabella Foster

Pool Filter Upgrade


Zenith Pools' Weekly Pool Service is exceptional. They are always on time, their team is professional, and they do a thorough job every time. My pool looks as good as new week after week. They have my highest recommendation!

Lisa Evans

Weekly Service


Zenith Pools' owner, Andrew, personally oversaw our Pool Pump Upgrade. He was professional, efficient, and highly competent. The upgraded pump has significantly improved the efficiency of our pool, and we couldn't be happier. Andrew and Zenith Pools have won over a very satisfied customer.

Benjamin Parker

Pool Pump Upgrade


I must say, Zenith Pools delivers a Weekly Pool Service that exceeds all expectations. They are prompt, thorough, and extremely professional. I'm always amazed by the cleanliness and clarity of my pool after their visit. Outstanding service!

Franklin Baker

Weekly Service


Zenith Pools have been managing my pool on a weekly basis for some time now. Their team is consistently reliable, professional, and thorough in their service. The pool is always in pristine condition and they're very knowledgeable, always ready to answer any questions I have. Top-notch service!

Alfred Smith

Weekly Service


Josh from Zenith Pools provided exceptional Pool Filter Repair service. He was punctual, proficient, and polite, answering all my queries patiently. Post his service, our pool filter has been functioning like new. I couldn't have asked for better service. Thanks to Josh and Zenith Pools for their commendable work.

Olivia Bennett

Pool Filter Repair


"Impressive acid wash service from Zenith Pools in Chandler. My pool looks clean and inviting now. They were professional and courteous. Definitely recommend them."

Linda Hughes

Acid Wash


"Used Zenith Pools for an acid wash in Tempe. They were punctual, got straight to work, and cleaned up after. The pool's surface is noticeably cleaner now. Satisfied with their service."

Richard Quill

Acid Wash


Zenith Pools, led by their manager Nicole, provided an exceptional Pool Filter Cleaning service. Nicole was on time, proficient, and highly knowledgeable. Thanks to her diligent work, our pool filter is functioning optimally, and the water is visibly clearer. I highly recommend Nicole and Zenith Pools for all your pool servicing needs.

Aaron Black

Pool Filter Cleaning


Josh from Zenith Pools did a fantastic job repairing our pool pump. He was professional, punctual, and highly efficient. Thanks to his work, our pool pump is working flawlessly, and our pool looks and feels great. I have only words of praise for Josh and Zenith Pools.

Harper Adams

Pool Pump Repair

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We provide weekly pool service to many cities in Arizona, but we stay relatively close to home to ensure we can effectively provide emergency pool repair services if needed.

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All of our pool repair and service techs are local to the city they serve.

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A lot of people do not know that D.E. (Diatamecious Earth) and Sand Filters can put your family and pets in danger if not managed properly.