Chlorine rinse service

Getting your pool rinsed with chlorine is the MOST effective way to remove pocketed algae and brighten the surface.

Getting your pool rinsed with chlorine can remove those stubborn algae and dirt stains

Similar to bleaching the surface of your pool but with a highly concentrated chlorine solution, a rinse can do wonders for it’s surface. There are so many benefits to having this service done:

  • Increases the life of your plaster by removing algae pockets that decay the surface over time
  • Sanitizes your pool COMPLETELY to ensure it’s safe to swim in
  • Saves you money on chemicals throughout the year by removing old hard water and adding new fresh water
  • Near instant restoration of even the greenest pools in 2-4 days
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Being a busy man, I rarely have the luxury to devote time to my pool maintenance. Yet, Zenith Pools has taken the burden off my shoulders with their exceptional Chlorine Rinse service. They appeared prompt, their process was seamless, and they seemed so deeply knowledgeable about their trade. The team transformed my pool from a murky pond to a stunning, clear water oasis. Their service is worth every penny - I highly recommend!

I must admit, the team at Zenith Pools is truly unparalleled when it comes to pool services. Their Chlorine Rinse service has worked wonders on my home pool. I was initially worried about the harshness of chlorine on my pool's surfaces, but they eased my fears with their meticulous care and deep understanding of the process. Now, my pool looks refreshing and inviting, like a sparkling jewel amidst the Arizona landscape. Exceptional service!

Zenith Pools' Chlorine Rinse service is truly fantastic. Their team was punctual, polite, and highly professional. They explained each step of their process and made sure I understood what was happening. My pool, which had begun to resemble a murky swamp, is now sparkling clean and inviting. It’s clear that Zenith Pools values their customers and their craft. Highly recommended!

The Zenith Pools team did an outstanding job with the Chlorine Rinse on my pool. Despite the heat, they worked diligently to ensure a thorough cleanse. Their professional attitude and comprehensive service left me impressed. My pool, which was once a sore sight, now looks amazing. Zenith Pools has certainly won my trust!

My pool needed a thorough cleanse, and Zenith Pools came to the rescue. Their Chlorine Rinse service was nothing short of perfect. They arrived on time, performed the service meticulously, and left my pool looking better than it had in years. Their professionalism and attention to detail were exemplary. I couldn't be happier with their service!

I have hired multiple pool cleaning services before, but none has compared to Zenith Pools. Their Chlorine Rinse service was outstanding - the crew was efficient, the process was well-explained, and the results were phenomenal. My pool now gleams with crystal clear water, all thanks to Zenith Pools. Their commitment to their craft and their excellent customer service is much appreciated!

I had Zenith Pools over to perform a Chlorine Rinse on my pool, and the difference is night and day. The team showed up on time and got right to work, and they were polite, professional, and highly skilled. My pool now sparkles like never before, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I have nothing but praise for Zenith Pools!

Zenith Pools did an incredible job with the Chlorine Rinse on my pool. The crew was punctual, courteous, and extraordinarily thorough in their work. They took their time to explain the process and reassured me of any concerns I had. Now, my pool looks brand new – it’s crystal clear and just absolutely stunning. I couldn’t have asked for better service. Thank you, Zenith Pools!

Restore your pools surface to its pre-algae glory

Chlorine rinsing is best handled by professionals, as it is a dangerous job

Proper methods for streak free and even surface restoration

Our expert repair team is fully trained to perform rinses the proper way. With full safety equipment and the experienced hands we bring on every job, we make sure our chlorine dilution is done correctly, and diligently pour in 6-8 segmented sections of your pool and time the rinse process for each pour.

Getting your pool rinsed includes

This is one of those jobs that you want to have done by real professionals with a lot of expertise. We will drain the pool, rinse the debris and soak the sides once it’s drained, then carefully pour chlorine directly on the sides of your pool’s surface to kill any algae and brighten the surface. This cleans the surface and makes it look incredible once finished.

Chlorine rinses provide great results, with safety benefits

It’s important to know that if you ever have a dead animal in your pool, or kids go to the bathroom in it, or it fully turns green and starts growing algae/bacteria… That doesn’t just go away by dumping chemicals in. It can be sanitized, but the matter generally stays in the water until it’s drained. Draining and rinsing ensures that that matter is removed from the pool completely for a fresh start.

Step by step of a chlorine rinse

How we go about chlorine rinsing your pool

Zenith has a reputation for getting the best results from chlorine rinsing pools – our standard procedures are tried and true. We have our most qualified repairmen and women take care of rinses because it’s a service that needs to be done perfectly for best results.

  1. Initial draining of the pool

    Firstly, we come out and assess the surface of the pool and start the draining process. Typically, this is done later in the day, sometimes in the morning for very large pools. We do this to try and minimize sun exposure to the dry surface. Most of the time a pool will be fully drained in 12-30 hours, based on the size of the pool.

  2. Once the pool is drained

    The morning after we start the draining process – Zenith crew members will contact you and then come start setting up the area for the rinse. If it’s the hot season, we will try to come early to further reduce the amount of time the dry surface is exposed to the sun. In the winter season, there is significantly less risk to exposing the dry surface.

  3. The actual chlorine rinse

    Once we are fully set up and have ensured that all pets, kids, and residents are aware to not come outside during the process – we get started. Our team is fully equipped for the job with chemical safety equipment to ensure that we are safe onsite. Our experts will proceed to pour chlorine in sections, ensuring an even spread over the entire surface of the pool, and then properly dilute and dispose of the remains by pumping out the last of the water.

Our pool crew members that specialize in chlorine rinse

When it comes to chlorine rinse we only hire the best fully trained experts to do the job right.

Service areas where we offer chlorine rinse

Zenith has expert pool repair and service technicians all over the valley ready to help you with anything pool related.

jobs completed in the valley so far

All of our pool repair and service techs are local to the city they service.

Questions related to chlorine rinsing a pool

If you would like to know something that is not listed here about chlorine rinses, contact us! Zenith is always happy to give free consultations.

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No, quite the opposite; a chlorine rinse will increase the life of your pool surface by fully removing any pocketed algae that decays the surface over time.

Generally, a chlorine rinse takes about 2-3 hours. However, draining the pool can take anywhere from 12-30 hours on average. From start to finish, the whole process takes about 3 days – 1 day to drain the pool, a few hours to perform the job, and then another 24-30 hours for the pool to be refilled, depending on your house’s water pressure.

When the pool is fully refilled, we will come turn the system on again to get the water circulating on its regular schedule – at that time, we will add a few pounds of stabilizer and conditioner, depending on the size of your pool. We add the chemicals slowly through the skimmer hole, and this stabilizer and conditioner basically lets the chlorine to be protected from the sun burning it off, allowing it to free float in your pool and sanitize the water properly.

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We quote chlorine rinses based on:

  1. Size of the pool/how much chlorine we will need to use
  2. Condition of the surface/algae and stain buildup
  3. How many crew members are needed to complete the job

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