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A pool in the Arizona heat can turn green FAST, let us get it back to clear and blue in less than a week.

A green pool is a nasty situation that is best left to professionals like us

When your pool turns green, it can turn into a waste of your money really fast. If you don’t add enough chemicals or you don’t add the right chemicals in proper doses, all of those chemicals are worthless and the pool will return to a green gross mess quickly. It can also be dangerous and ruin your water chemistry, “chem locking” your pool and making you spend WAY more money on chlorine until the water is drained and replaced.

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Our pool had turned an unsightly green, and Zenith Pools were the saviors we needed. The owner, Andrew, personally attended to the service, which was a pleasant surprise. His meticulous attention to detail was visible in the quality of work he delivered. Our pool is back to its sparkling self now, thanks to Andrew and Zenith Pools.

Nicole from Zenith Pools recently serviced our pool with their Green to Clean service. She was polite, professional, and had a deep knowledge of pool services. The transformation she brought about was nothing short of a miracle. Our once green pool is now clean, fresh, and inviting. Nicole and Zenith Pools have earned a customer for life.

Zenith Pools' Green to Clean service, provided by their expert, Robert, is exceptional. He was punctual, knowledgeable, and extremely efficient. Thanks to him, our formerly green pool now gleams with freshness and clarity. This wouldn't have been possible without Robert's hard work and dedication. Zenith Pools is a must-hire for all pool owners out there.

Stop wasting money dumping chemicals in that aren't working

There is a tried and true process to getting a green pool back on track

Initial heavy chlorine treatment

Depending on the size of your pool, and how badly it’s turned, our team will use liquid concentrated chlorine that instantly disperses into the water attacking/killing the algae in the first 24-48 hours. We brush as much algae off the sides and steps before treating it to allow the chlorine to more effectively turn the live algae into dead plant matter.

Removing the dead plant matter and cleaning the filter

After 1 or 2 days of heavy chlorine treatment and intense brushing – our crew will vacuum all the dead algae up into the filter, and clean the filter or give it a specialty backwash if applicable immediately after. Oftentimes, this process of vacuuming then cleaning or backwashing the filter needs to be done 2 or 3 times once the algae is completely dead if the pool is very green; this is extremely important because your filter will be completely clogged up from the large amount of dead plant matter and not allow the chlorine to continue sanitizing the water through circulation.

Preventing the algae from coming back

The last thing you want is to dump a ton of chemicals in your pool, clean the filters, and then have it turn green again a few days later. If proper preventative measures are not taken immediately after the pool is looking good again, you can be back in the same spot you started. We specialize in using the right preventative chemicals to ensure the pool stays clear and blue after we complete the job. Likely, this means no swimming for a few days to a week after the service is completed; However, we NEVER let a pool go back to green once it’s clean. Our team will give you an aftercare procedure as well to ensure you know what to do when we are done.

Calculated dosing, trained team, and solid process

Procedure we use that works every time to restore green pools

With decades of experience between our pool crew, we know exactly how to handle even the worst green pool situations. It is one of the most satisfying jobs we are able to do for people, and we pride ourselves in doing the job right every single time.

  1. Days 1-2

    Intense brushing down of every inch of the sidewalls and steps is key to ensuring that as much of the surface algae becomes free floating in the water to allow the chlorine treatment we use to do its job effectively. We will come everyday for the first 3 days to continue brushing and chemically testing/dosing the pool properly to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

  2. Days 2-4

    The second step of a green to clean is to remove all dust, debris, and plant matter from the pool as quickly and effectively as possible. Our experts will return each day to continue vacuuming and servicing the filter until the pool is clear and blue once again. Getting to this point of the process can vary based on many factors like type of filter, severity of algae buildup, and the age/condition of the pools surface.

  3. Days 4-5

    The last and arguably the most important part of the job is ensuring that the algae is COMPLETELY killed, removed, and prevented from re-blooming. This part of the job requires skilled hands to use the right chemicals in the right proportions and testing the water chemistry to determine the appropriate preventative measures to take in the days/weeks after the pool has returned to a clear blue state.

Our pool crew members that specialize in green to clean service

When it comes to green to clean service we only hire the best fully trained experts to do the job right.

Service areas where we offer green to clean service

Zenith has expert pool repair and service technicians all over the valley ready to help you with anything pool related.

jobs completed in the valley so far

All of our pool repair and service techs are local to the city they service.

Questions related to green to clean service

If you would like to know something that is not listed here about having us perform a green to clean, contact us! Zenith is always happy to give free consultations.

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Yes. Your pool will be completely safe to swim in once the process is complete. We do recommend that you wait a few days after it’s clear and blue to allow the sun to evaporate the excess chlorine in your pool, but we use liquid chlorine, which is fast-acting but easily evaporated through sun exposure.

Honestly, a chlorine rinse is a better option overall (see our service page for info on that). However, in the middle of summer, if you have a plaster pool there is a risk of cracking the surface if the temperature is over 95 degrees outside. Even if we keep sun exposure to a minimum, the risk greatly increases above that temperature, so it’s much safer to get a green to clean done at this time of year.

This is probably the hardest part of a green to clean service… We set your pool to run 24 hours a day to allow the filter to clean up all the free floating dead plant matter, as well as fully vacuuming the pool multiple times per day while the plant matter continues to fully die and become loose enough to vacuum – and depending on the type of filter, the process is listed below:

– D.E. Filters: Usually requires 2-4 filter cleanings throughout the whole process, with backwashing in between as needed. Each backwash we will add new media to the filter so that it can continue to properly filter all the dead algae from the bottom and the water continually.

– Sand Filters: We will backwash 4-6 times throughout the process of the green to clean after vacuuming multiple times, and usually for a bit longer than a usual bi-weekly backwash; this is the best we can do for sand filters. However, we recommend a sand change after a green to clean for best results and ongoing water clarity.

– Cartridge Filters: We will perform 2-4 filter cleans after vacuuming the pool, usually multiple times on the third day of the process when everything is mostly dead and sanitized; this effectively removes all the dead plant matter from the pool.

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Estimates for a green to clean can vary dependent on:

  1. How severely the pool has turned green
  2. The amount of chemicals required to fully treat the situation
  3. Size of the pool and type of filter

Reach out to us immediately to avoid city fines and mosquito breeding as it can become a problem really fast!

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