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Learn more about pool plumbing repairs, how it works to repair pool plumbing issues, and general estimated pricing for this service.

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As a company, we’ve been providing excellent plumbing services related to pools for years now, and we’ve seen everything under the sun (literally). With hundreds of successful leak repairs, replumbing from the ground up services, valve replacements, union/O-ring repairs and replacements, we are your go-to company to get anything working properly.

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Zenith Pools did a stellar job with our Pool Plumbing Repair. Robert, their pool service expert, was punctual, professional, and very proficient. He quickly diagnosed the issue and fixed it efficiently. The pool is now working perfectly, thanks to Robert and Zenith Pools.

I engaged Zenith Pools for a Pool Plumbing Repair, and their manager, Nicole, delivered an exceptional service. She was punctual, professional, and highly knowledgeable. Our pool plumbing is now in excellent condition thanks to her diligent work. Nicole and Zenith Pools have my utmost recommendation.

Josh from Zenith Pools recently serviced our pool with their Pool Plumbing Repair, and he did an excellent job. He was courteous, timely, and displayed a high level of expertise. Post-service, our pool has been functioning flawlessly. I highly recommend Josh and Zenith Pools for their commendable work.

Save on your water bill - small leaks can add up

Pool plumbing, if not done properly, can lead to a bad situation

Leaks can turn into burst pipes

The last thing you want is to walk into your backyard only to find it flooded from a burst pool pipe. This can happen from age, or improper bonding of the PVC, and a leak is the first clear sign. If a pipe does end up bursting, it can do more than just flood your yard and add to your water bill – in some cases, this can lead to your motor burning out from running dry, which can become quite an expensive problem. If you have any leaks make sure to get them fixed ASAP.

Plumbing to meet warranties and inspections

There are standards that are needed to meet home warranty requirements and home inspection requirements if you are ever planning to sell your house. It’s good to get your plumbing done right by professionals like us who always abide by these standards.

Improper plumbing can be a problem

If your plumbing looks like a spiderweb… that’s not a good sign. Sometimes pool repair companies will try and get ‘fancy’ or they are just inexperienced and they will end up adding tons of couplings/angled fittings that just don’t make sense to add as a result of poor planning; this causes extra pressure to the system in general and can make the pipes leak more often, meaning that it will need constant repairs. We pride ourselves on clean, good looking plumbing that is put together to last with minimal issues.

We have a crew with decades of combined experience you can trust to properly solve the problem

What does pool plumbing repair include?

An overview of what it looks like to get your pool plumbing fixed by Zenith.

  1. Initial assessment of the equipment and plumbing

    Our experts will come out and do an on-site evaluation for what needs to be done related to your pool plumbing, and give you an estimate of parts/labor. For re-doing the plumbing from the ground up, we HAVE to wait until the job is done to give you a final price because it is very hard to estimate exactly how much time or pipe and fittings are needed – however, we will still give you a solid ball park estimate.

  2. Using the right parts for the job

    Our pool plumbers are hyper-aware of using schedule 80 PVC where it’s required, and using regular PVC where it’s not to save costs. As well, we always use branded “Jandy” valves instead of cheap ball valves to ensure that the plumbing is going to last with the least possible issues. Many other pool companies either don’t get this right or cut costs on parts – we NEVER do.

  3. Fully testing our work every time

    We will always be patient and wait until the bonds have set and fully test our work to ensure that there are NO leaks when the job is done. Other companies will often leave without being patient or turn the system on too soon to test it, which can lead to improper bonding of the pipes and fittings, or worse yet, they will leave you with the same problem they came to fix.

Our pool crew members that specialize in pool plumbing repair

When it comes to pool plumbing repair we only hire the best fully trained experts to do the job right.

Service areas where we offer pool plumbing repair

Zenith has expert pool repair and service technicians all over the valley ready to help you with anything pool related.

jobs completed in the valley so far

All of our pool repair and service techs are local to the city they service.

The most commonly asked questions we get about pool plumbing repair

If you would like to know something that is not listed here about pool filter repair, contact us! Zenith is always happy to give free consultations and estimates.

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We absolutely do! This helps protect any existing plumbing that is not being replaced by reducing direct sun exposure to the old piping. There is a small extra cost attached to painting the whole set up; however, we make our money by solving problems, not by painting pipes, so you can rest easy that we are not charging you an arm and a leg for painting the pipes.

We guarantee NO LEAKS on any plumbing that we directly replace; we test it thoroughly after completing the job to ensure this is the case. However, we cannot guarantee that old plumbing that we haven’t replaced won’t spring a leak. We always recommend if you have old plumbing to get it redone from the ground up – it’s worth it to not have continual issues.

This can vary greatly depending on how much piping is required, how much labor is required, and how many valves/unions are needed. The smallest set ups can cost around $200-$300, and for extremely complicated setups, the price can range upwards of $800. Have us come out for a free estimate to get a more accurate assessment of the cost for you.

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Zenith has a reputation of performing the cleanest plumbing work locally, we have decades of combined experience to be able to fix any plumbing related problem you may have.

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