We specialize in pool pump diagnosis and repair

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Having your pool motor go out on you during the summer is bad news.. It can lead to a green pool in 48-72 hours and needs to be handled very quickly. Reach out to us ASAP if your motor is not running or if it is making strange sounds, as this can be a sign that it will stop running soon if not repaired.


We will have one of our experts come diagnose any issue your pool pump is having, and they will find a solution to the problem at hand. One of our repairmen will come out free of charge and assess the motor to see if it can be fixed or repaired on site. Then, if we determine that it cannot be handled on site, we will take the motor to our repair shop for a free estimate of parts and labor to rebuild it or replace anything needed.

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We specialize in pool pump repair

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Our pool pump was giving us trouble, and Zenith Pools, with their expert, Robert, came to our rescue. Robert was professional, timely, and highly skilled. He repaired our pool pump efficiently, and it's been working perfectly ever since. Robert and Zenith Pools have exceeded my expectations.

Zenith Pools' owner, Andrew, personally attended to our Pool Pump Repair service. He was professional, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. Our pool pump is now working optimally, enhancing our pool experience. I couldn't be happier with Andrew and Zenith Pools' service.

Josh from Zenith Pools did a fantastic job repairing our pool pump. He was professional, punctual, and highly efficient. Thanks to his work, our pool pump is working flawlessly, and our pool looks and feels great. I have only words of praise for Josh and Zenith Pools.

You can severely damage your motor trying to fix it yourself

We are trained and certified to repair all makes/models of pool motors

It takes an experienced eye and ear to properly diagnose a motor

There are sounds, smells, and general indicators that go into diagnosing a motor, as well as standard tests/things to look out for to figure out what is wrong with a pool motor. If you have an inexperienced person on the job, usually they will just start replacing things left and right randomly to attempt to fix the issue, which can mean replacing things that don’t need to be replaced or potentially causing more issues by not identifying the root of the problem. Work with experts like us to save yourself time and money in the long run.

There are many different kinds of pool motors

When it comes to pool motors and pumps, almost every set up is different, which means that finding information online for your specific motor can be daunting and difficult. While all motors are generally similar, each type can have unique issues – we have specialized experience dealing with all makes and models of motors, with the ability to properly identify the most common issues, no matter what kind of motor/pump you have.

Our company keeps records and logs for EVERYTHING

No matter what work needs to be done to effectively solve your motor/pump issue, we ALWAYS take pictures of any issues we find, and any work we perform. As well, if repairs are needed, we keep detailed records of parts replaced that we share with you throughout the process or upon repair completion. Transparency is of utmost importance to us, so we strive to keep you as informed as possible and leave you with detailed information if you ever need it later on.

We have a crew with decades of combined experience you can trust to properly solve the problem

What the process of diagnosing and repairing a pool pump setup looks like

We always abide by warranty standards, and/or state law when it comes to fixing pool motors/pumps.

  1. Initial diagnostic of the motor/pump

    We will ask you questions when you contact us to try and be as informed as possible for when we initially show up. Often times there’s a detail or two that you can give us that will allow us to bring the proper parts or tools to fix your problem on the initial visit. For free, we will come out and assess the situation – testing the motor, and going through a standard procedure to identify the problem. Of course when we identify the problem we will inform you immediately and give you an estimate of the parts/labor required.

  2. Taking the motor to our repair shop

    More often than not, a motor will require being taken into our repair shop for a full diagnostic – it’s better to do this at the shop instead of having the whole motor and all of its parts strewn about in your backyard. There are specialized vices, tools, and all of the parts needed on-hand at the repair shop; this not only ensures that no small parts are lost, but that the motor can be fully repaired without multiple trips back and forth from your home, which costs both you and us extra time/money.

  3. Re-installing the motor, and fully testing it

    Once you’ve approved the work required to have it fixed (you will always receive an estimate and options to make an informed decision prior to performing any work), we will come back with new seals, O-rings, and the repaired motor to get it put back in and running as soon as possible. Our crew has all of the tools and experience to make sure this goes smoothly for you. Usually it takes about an hour or less to get it re-installed and test it to ensure it’s running as it should. If you have old wiring, it’s ALWAYS recommended to get the conduit and wires replaced to ensure your newly repaired motor does not have any further electrical issues.

Our pool crew members that specialize in pool pump repair

When it comes to pool pump repair we only hire the best fully trained experts to do the job right.

Service areas where we offer pool pump repair

Zenith has expert pool repair and service technicians all over the valley ready to help you with anything pool related.

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All of our pool repair and service techs are local to the city they service.

The most commonly asked questions we get about pool pump repairs

If you would like to know something about pool pump repair that is not listed here, feel free to contact us! Zenith is always happy to give free consultations and estimates.

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The words “pump” and “motor” are used interchangeably a lot of the time in regards to pool equipment, but the correct terms are “pool motor” and “pump housing”. The pump housing is the front part of the system that “houses” the impeller attached to the motor and has a basket with a lid on top – it connects to the suction side of the plumbing and connects the pressure side to the filter. The motor itself is the back part of the system that connects to electrical, and has an impeller (an inverted propeller).

The most common issues a pool pump can have are:
– The suction to the skimmer and cleaner line is very weak
– The motor is making a grinding or whining noise
– There is a burning plastic smell coming from the pump
– The motor makes an electrical hum when turned on, but then clicks off without actually turning on fully
– The motor is not turning on at all even though power is coming to the timer box (there are gears that should be turning behind manual timers that you can see through a small hole at the top)

The most common issues include:
– A bad run or start capacitor
– Stripped windings inside the motor
– The electrical panel has been fried from a surge or damaged wire casings
– The impeller is clogged with debris
– The bearings are worn and old

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At Zenith, we give attention to detail like no one else and strive to only repair/replace things that are absolutely needed or recommended. We keep you informed, do the job the right way, and look for 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to pool pump repair.

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