Upgrade to a variable speed pump / motor that pays for itself in 2-3 years

Find out more about replacing your pool motor, why a VS motor is the best, how it works, and details on pricing.

Getting your pool pump upgraded can be the best decision for your pool

A new variable speed pump can reduce your monthly energy bill, provide customizable automation programming to suit your power plan, and increase the amount of time your pool circulates water, keeping it cleaner.

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Zenith Pools and their manager, Nicole, upgraded our pool pump, and the results were simply amazing. Nicole was professional, punctual, and highly proficient. The upgraded pump works flawlessly and has improved our pool's efficiency significantly. Nicole and Zenith Pools deserve every bit of praise they get.

We availed Zenith Pools' Pool Pump Upgrade service, and their expert, Robert, exceeded all expectations. He was professional, timely, and extremely skilled. The upgraded pump is working seamlessly, improving the overall pool experience. Hats off to Robert and Zenith Pools for their fantastic service.

Zenith Pools' owner, Andrew, personally oversaw our Pool Pump Upgrade. He was professional, efficient, and highly competent. The upgraded pump has significantly improved the efficiency of our pool, and we couldn't be happier. Andrew and Zenith Pools have won over a very satisfied customer.

If your pool is constantly having issues, new equipment can be a long term solution

A pool pump upgrade can make your life easier, and save you money

Built to last

Newer variable speed pumps are built better. The industry has evolved a lot in the last decade, and one thing that’s improved GREATLY is pool motors. These new VS pumps have very little ongoing issues and last longer than the old single speed motors needing less ongoing repair for years after installation.

Reduce ongoing energy costs

VS – Stands for “variable speed.” These types of pool pumps are customizable depending on your pool’s needs, unlike single speed motors. They can be set up to run at different RPMs, having 8 programmable cycles that can be fully customized. For example: you can have it set to run for 2 hours at 3200 RPM, then turn off for 2 hours, then run again for 4 hours at 1800 RPM, then turn on again at 2500 RPM for another 2 hours, and then repeat that cycle. For certain smaller pools, maybe you only ever need it to run at a maximum of 2500 RPM. With this ability to customize the time and RPM of the motor, you can set it up for your specific pool’s needs, instead of just running an old single speed at max power for 6-8 hours a day.

Set it and forget it

With every new installation of a VS motor/pump, we will program it to your needs, and once it’s set up, it typically does not need to be reprogrammed, even if the power goes out or a breaker trips on your panel. It’s nice to know that it will retain it’s customized programming and work in the background exactly as it should for years.

Attention to detail, experienced hands, and a rock solid process

Our standard procedure for new motor/pump installs step by step

We always follow a process to ensure that each install goes as smoothly as possible, ensuring the best results every time.

  1. Removal of the old motor

    Once you’ve decided to upgrade your pool pump, an expert installer will come out on the day of your scheduled install to get started. First they will turn off all power to the equipment, then remove the old motor, wiring, and conduit. Once the equipment has been removed, they will inspect the foundation under the old motor, checking its condition. If all looks good they will clean the area of any debris or trash left from the removal and prep the area for the new pump to be put in.

  2. Installing your new VS pump

    Once the area is prepped and ready, the installer will set the new pump in place, adjusting its height to match the existing plumbing setup. They will proceed to plumb in the suction side/pressure side schedule 80 threaded PVC to the filter and return lines. Once all of that is put together and the bonds are setting, they will start hooking up the new conduit and wiring to your existing electrical setup. Usually, this whole process takes around 1-2 hours– and once finished, it’s fully tested to ensure it’s working properly.

  3. Programming the new pump

    When everything has been properly installed and tested – our installer will work with you to program the pump to your pool’s exact needs, being mindful of any energy plans you may be on. They will program 2-4 cycles with appropriate RPM speeds and cycle times, depending on the size of your pool/filter. Once this step is complete, your new pump is ready to keep your pool running better than ever!

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The most commonly asked questions we get about pool pump upgrades

If you would like to know something that is not listed here about pool pump repair, contact us! Zenith is always happy to give free consultation and estimates.

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This problem is caused from not programming the pump system properly to fit your pool’s specific needs (arguably the easiest and most overlooked aspect by most other companies). If the pump is programmed correctly, it will absolutely pay for itself in 2-3 years maximum – often sooner – by saving energy and running at a lower speed on 2-4 cycles throughout the day. This allows the pool to circulate more often (extremely beneficial versus running 1 block of time), and makes your pool easier to manage, safer to swim in by not having the water be stagnant, and allows chlorine to sanitize the water properly. They also last longer by not being run at maximum RPM all the time, which most pools do not need anyways. There are SO many benefits to a variable speed motor; people who say they don’t work likely just don’t know how they should be properly set up.

They may be slightly higher priced, but these brands come with great manufacturer warranties AND they last longer from these tried and tested pumps. They are the best standard to go with and we see the least ongoing issues using these companies. They also offer the best automation programming setups and are easy to work with overall. We can install another option if you absolutely insist, but we STRONGLY recommend you use one of these brands… There’s a reason they have been around for so long, and they put a lot of time, money, and effort into their research/development/engineering.

We do not offer FULL financing for this upgrade, as the overhead would be too much for us, but in certain cases, we can charge around half the total price up front, and offer a 3 month payment plan for the rest of the cost. Reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do for you depending on your situation.

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Pentair Superflo VS Pump or Pentair Intelliflo VS Pump are the best options out there for a new motor that will allow your pool to run clean and clear all year long. Programming of the pump is included with the purchase, and new pumps come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

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