Full weekly pool cleaning service

We are the best in the business when it comes to making sure your pool stays beautiful, clear, blue, and importantly safe to swim in all year long. Reach out to us today for an on-site estimate, and make sure to let us know if this is your first time working with us, as we offer discounts to first time customers for weekly pool service.

Our staff is trained on every aspect of weekly pool cleaning

We are a no-nonsense pool cleaning company that will fully take care of your pool for you. Have you been dumping chemicals in your pool because it keeps turning green or growing algae? Or have you just not had the time to get it on track this year because you’ve been busy? Maybe you are just getting to that age where it doesn’t make sense to be bending down to clean out the baskets and risk falling.


No matter what your situation is, Zenith is here to provide outstanding customer service with qualified and certified experts on pool cleaning. We can take care of every aspect of your pool care needs.

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We specialize in weekly pool service

See our reviews for weekly pool service

Zenith Pools have been managing my pool on a weekly basis for some time now. Their team is consistently reliable, professional, and thorough in their service. The pool is always in pristine condition and they're very knowledgeable, always ready to answer any questions I have. Top-notch service!

Zenith Pools has outdone themselves with their Weekly Pool Service. They're always on time, their team is top-notch, and they do a fantastic job each time. My pool looks stunning week after week, all thanks to Zenith Pools. Incredible service!

I can't speak highly enough of Zenith Pools' Weekly Pool Service. The crew is always punctual, professional, and they do an excellent job each visit. My pool looks brand new week after week. Zenith Pools is the best!

I am genuinely impressed by Zenith Pools' Weekly Pool Service. Their team is always prompt, professional, and they do a meticulous job each time. My pool is kept in top-notch condition week after week. Their service is worth every cent!

Zenith Pools provides an exceptional Weekly Pool Service. Their team is always on point, professional, and thorough. My pool looks great week after week, and I couldn't be happier. Highly recommend Zenith Pools!

Zenith Pools' Weekly Pool Service is exceptional. They are always on time, their team is professional, and they do a thorough job every time. My pool looks as good as new week after week. They have my highest recommendation!

I can't praise Zenith Pools enough for their Weekly Pool Service. Their team is always on time, thorough, and very professional. My pool looks immaculate week after week. Fantastic service!

I've been using Zenith Pools for their Weekly Pool Service for several months and I'm highly impressed. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and consistency are noteworthy. The peace of mind knowing my pool is always clean and ready for a swim is priceless. Highly recommend!

I must say, Zenith Pools delivers a Weekly Pool Service that exceeds all expectations. They are prompt, thorough, and extremely professional. I'm always amazed by the cleanliness and clarity of my pool after their visit. Outstanding service!

Zenith Pools offers a Weekly Pool Service that leaves nothing to be desired. They're punctual, extremely professional, and always make sure my pool is sparkling clean. They also take the time to explain their process and answer all my queries. Exceptional service!

Zenith Pools' Weekly Pool Service is simply the best. They're always prompt, the crew is professional, and they do a meticulous job every time. My pool is immaculate week after week. I can't recommend Zenith Pools enough!

Proper pool maintenance is essential for safety

There is a lot that goes into correctly caring for your pool; let us handle that for you.

Pool Water Chemistry Balancing

We test your pool’s water weekly for PH, chlorine levels, phosphate levels, water hardness, total alkalinity, salt levels (if applicable), and more if we sense that something is off.

What full weekly service includes

We will skim and brush the pool, empty all baskets, check on your equipment to ensure it’s running properly, test your water’s chemistry, and vacuum as needed.

Our company keeps records and logs for EVERYTHING

Zenith Pools uses an app called “Skimmer” to log your chemical levels weekly, take weekly pictures of your pool after service, track check-in/check-out times of when we arrived/left, and record any problems we may find with the equipment. All of this gets sent to you in an email summary each week when the technician is finished servicing your pool.

Our process for weekly pool cleaning

Here is what it looks like to get started

We pride ourselves in making it simple and easy to work with us. Our response times are fast for weekly pool service, and our staff consistently provides outstanding customer service.

  1. Free on-site estimate for weekly pool service

    After you’ve contacted us for an estimate, one of our weekly service experts will reach out to schedule a time that works best for you to come and take a look at your pool in-person. It usually takes 15-30 minutes and we ask that you are there to go over any questions or concerns. If you can’t be there due to work or travel, we can still stop by with your permission to check things out and give you a call to go over the details instead.

  2. We make getting started with us is a breeze

    All we need from you to get started is your full name and email address. At the initial estimate, or on the first week of service, our team will take pictures of your pool and equipment to ensure that there is an initial record of the conditions to avoid any conflicts. At Zenith, we take the time to assess every detail so that you know your pool is in better shape than when we started, and so that you are aware of any potential issues before we begin service.

  3. Billing cycle, and your first month with us

    After you’ve signed up for service with us, we don’t charge you a dime until the 1st of the next month after service has begun; this ensures that you are happy with your service before you are asked to pay anything. We always prorate any first month costs based on when your first week of service was started – you are not expected to pay for any service you did not receive.

Our pool crew members that specialize in weekly pool service

When it comes to weekly pool service we only hire the best fully trained experts to do the job right.

Service areas where we offer weekly pool service

Zenith has expert pool repair and service technicians all over the valley ready to help you with anything pool related.

jobs completed in the valley so far

All of our pool repair and service techs are local to the city they service.

The most commonly asked questions we get about pool service

If you have any questions about weekly pool cleaning services that are not listed here, reach out to us! We are available for free estimates and consultations, or to answer any questions you may have.

All Services We Offer

Yes. We backwash on a 2 week cycle during the summer and 2-4 week cycle during the winter season.

Yes. We offer filter cleans, it costs between $100 and $175, depending on the type of filter or how much work the job requires.

NO! We will never charge you for any equipment related charges without giving you an estimate of the cost and getting your confirmation before we perform any work.

Get started with Zenith today

We are upfront about our prices, because we provide the best weekly pool cleaning service in town. Our goal is always to give you more value than we’ll ever ask you to pay – and our pool service technicians are paid well so that they DO NOT cut any corners.

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